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Frank Lambertus CPA

Having decades of accounting experience with regional and Big 4 firms, coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit, Lambertus CPA has developed the skills and practices needed where individuals as well as owners of small to mid-sized businesses can find solutions to fit your goals and dreams. Your needs become my needs as we implement innovative, forward-looking accounting and business practices to ensure your success for the years to come.

Lambertus CPA provides Controller and CFO level services, monthly accounting, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax return preparation and planning for go-getters of all types and sizes.


In 2009, some friends and business associates asked for help with some very specific needs:

  • A fraud investigation that began with my scouring three years’ worth of financial transactions and ending with my legal testimony (and a WIN for my client!).
  • A set of standard financial statements for a small business that took off like lightening and needed rock-solid numbers for getting money to grow.
  • Advice on building internal controls into a growing business so the owners could focus on growth instead of compliance and personnel issues.
  • A startup biotech company that was publicly traded in two countries and needed regulatory reporting in both.

While these one-time needs were challenging and enjoyable, the realization that these clients needed ongoing help from a trustworthy source became obvious, even for routine issues such as:

  • Tax filings
  • Business filings (Sales and Payroll Taxes, Regulatory filings, fees, etc.)
  • A set of financial statements they could use to obtain financing.
  • Challenges adding personnel including on-boarding, payroll, development of policies and procedures (including exceptional internal controls).
  • Helping foreign workers with ITIN numbers.

Over time, these types of services became my bread and butter with the special engagements becoming the “icing on the cake” that complemented my built-in compulsion to approach each client as if their situation is my very own. Some might say I am a little obsessive in my work. But that’s how I roll and it helps me present you with rock-solid results where you and/or your business can move forward in life to accomplish your dreams.


When not working, I can be found hiking in the hills or mountains, skiing in the Colorado Rockies, enjoying a round of golf, sporting clays, riding the motorcycle, searing the perfect ribeye steak, or sharing quality time with family and friends.